King Racing MB5259XP Main Bearings HONDA / ACURA 4 CYL. B17A1/ (4)


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King’s new XPG bearings are specifically engineered to solve premature bearing failure caused by low oil pressure or oil starvation that has plagued high horsepower Subaru EJ engines. To improve oil flow, oil slots on the King XPG bearings are replaced with oil holes for better oil distribution in the groove and more consistent oil flow. Fully grooved number three main bearings enable 360° oiling to number two and number three rod bearings. King XPG bearings feature a unique lug design that eliminates the conventional lug recess so no oil escapes and full oil pressure is maintained. In addition, narrowed bearing lengths help eliminate high-radius cranks. With enhanced tri-metal copper lead construction with nickel barrier and SecureBond adhesion, King XPG bearings have a 20 percent higher load capacity and better resist surface fatigue.

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Acura RSX 2002
Acura RSX 2003
Acura RSX 2004
Acura Integra 1994
Acura Integra 1995
Acura Integra 1996
Acura Integra 1997
Acura Integra 1998
Acura Integra 1999
Acura Integra 2000
Acura Integra 2001
Honda CR-V 2001
Honda Civic 1990
Honda CR-V 2000
Honda Civic 1991
Honda CR-V 1999
Honda Civic 1992
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Honda Civic 1994
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